Colour: Pearly Grey
Sizes : Small - Medium -Large

About Silk Stories

Born in China, I grew up with silk stories: knowing how silk is made, its traditions and the importance of quality.

Little did I know this would all come in very handy 22 years down the line. Consequently, I have selected one of the top manufactures in China to make our pyjamas, based just outside Jiangsu province where I was born.

At the age of 18 I moved to London to become an actress, studying at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Being an actress I understand the importance of always looking your best and feeling good. Wearing these glamorous 100% silk pyjamas helps me relax and feel calm as well as getting a great night's sleep so I'm ready for whatever the next day brings.

"The Silk Stories" company in the UK was inspired by my love for soft fabrics and my Chinese heritage.

Slipping into stylish 100% pure silk pyjamas after long days of filming on sets is a luxury and I want to share this feeling with everyone for an affordable price. As a child I suffered severe eczema; today I still have very sensitive skin and now find that wearing 100% silk garments makes me feel pampered and soothed.

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